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The following prices are in JPY. Some prices are unequal to cover transport costs.

Combined shipping with GO! or splits in LSN is allowed <3

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san - Nano-Colle - Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Collection Figure (Media Factory)
300JPY for Tamao , 600JPY for Nyaruko
Kurei Tamao, Nyarlathotep

Tiger & Bunny - Half Age Characters - Half Age Characters (Bandai)
500JPY each
Barnaby Default ver, Barnaby holding plates ver

Tiger & Bunny - Ichiban Kuji Tiger & Bunny -side Tiger- - Neck Strap - Prize I
800JPY each including airmail, brand new in plastic (60JPY for bubble mailer, cardboard backing will be removed prior to shipping as it is huge)
Karina Lyle, Mad Bear

Fate/Hollow Ataraxia Nendoroid Petit
300JPY each, box opened, still sealed in original plastic
Bazett Fraga McRemitz

Shinryaku! Ika Musume - Ika Musume - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Premium
750JPY each, box opened, still sealed in original plastic
Swimsuit ver

Gintama - Chibi Kyun-Chara - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Gintama (Banpresto)
1500JPY each, opened, in mint condition
Sakata Gintoki

1 x Gintama Elizabeth Keychain
1 x Hachune Miku Nendoriod Petite
1 x Kuroshitsuji Prop Petit Plus Sebastian B
1 x Dancer Miku Rubber Handphone Strap
1 x Snow Miku Rubber Handphone Strap
1 x Kagura Petit Chara Land Autumn and Winter
1 x Sougo Petit Chara Land Autumn and Winter
1 x Hijikata Petit Chara Land Autumn and Winter
1 x Katsura Petit Chara Land Autumn and Winter
2 x Kamui Petit Chara Land Autumn and Winter
1 x Yukio Handphone Keychain
1 x Rin Handphone Keychain
1 x Stocking Plush
1 x Madoka Rubber Strap Keychain
1 x Kyubey Rubber Strap Keychain
1 x Kyouko Rubber Strap Keychain
1 x Homura Rubber Strap Keychain
1 x Mami Rubber Strap Keychain
1 x Default Miku Rubber Handphone Strap
1 X Okita Handphone Strap
1 X Toudou Handphone Strap
1 X
Katsura Petit Chara Land
1 x Meiko Rubber Handphone Strap
1 x School Miku Rubber Handphone Strap
1 x China Miku Rubber Handphone Strap
1 x Cecilia Alcott Swing
1 x Laura Bodewig Swing
1 x Charlotte Dunois Swing
1 x Hitagi Game Prize Petit
1 x Ika Musume Yukata Prize Fig
1 x Ika Musume Standard Prize Fig
1 x Tsurumi Chiriko Swing
1 x
Sengoku Nadeko Swing
1 x Kanbaru Suruga Swing
1 x Ivan Karelin Next Members Plate
1 x Ivan Karelin Swing
1 x Matsuyuki Atsumu keychain
1 x Shima Renzou keychain
1 x Kazama Chikage keychain
1 x Hijikata Toushizou keychain

1 x Ultimate Madoka Nendoroid Petit
1 x Nisemonogatari Hachikuji Mayoi keychain
1 x Kazama Keychain
1 x Kazama #2 Keychain
1 x Toshizou keychain
1 x sougo keychain
1 x PSG Stocking plush
1 x Homura School uni ver Nendoroid Petit
1 x Hanekawa petit
1 x Kanbaru keychain
1 x Barnaby Yura Yura Clip
1 x Nisemonogatari Charm Hachikuji Mayoi (Bandai)
1 x Nisemonogatari Charm Sengoku Nadeko (Bandai)
1 x Homura puella nendoroid petit

1 x Leysrit nendoroid petit
1 x Rise one Coin
1 x Yukiko one Coin
1 x Kagura Petit Chara Land
1 x Togame Nendoroid Petit
1 x Shichika Nendoroid Petit

(no subject)

MSP Kotetsu - 43.50USD 

1. sakata.sgproxy - Paid
2. visualkeiisdrag - Paid
3. Luciachezaluna - Paid
4. Murada - Paid

5. Silver_ronin - Paid - Ship separately
6. not_a_bunnychan - Paid
 - Ship separately
7. mildgroove - Paid
8. shanerose - Paid - HOLD ONNNNNNNNNNNN
9. infected_wound - Paid
 - Ship separately

MSP Barnaby - 43.50USD 

1. sakata.sgproxy - Paid
2. Silver_ronin - Paid - Ship separately

3. not_a_bunnychan - Paid - Ship separately
4. shanerose - Paid
5. infected_wound - Paid - Ship separately

T&B soundDrop - 300JPY each before intl shipping

**underlined names are confirmed as they have been ordered

Wild Tiger : wasabimiso@MFC | shanerose || hazane ||| laidbacktionist |V nikkip93
Barnaby Brooks Jr. : hazane | laidbacktionist || nikkip93
Origami Cyclone : rags_n_patches
Sky High : moranth | brakusjs || mildgroove
Lunatic : rags_n_patches | meistergao
Tiger & Barnaby : sakata_sgproxy | wasabimiso@MFC || moranth ||| hazane |V laidbacktionist V nikkip93

Gintama Petit Chara Land -autumn & winter?-


Gintama Petit Chara Land -autumn & winter?-
I have already pre-ordered one box from amiami. If there is enough interest, I will order another box and we can save on shipping XD

Release date: late October 2011
Quantity per box: 10 (6+4 repeats)
Cost for each figure: ¥474 (around USD$6.15) + shipping from amiami(JP) to me(SG) + shipping from me(SG) to you
Please reply in this on this post, or email me or pm me for the figures you are interested in :D If you have already replied here, feel free to pm me or email me at sakata.sgproxy[at]gmail[dot]com with the email I should be invoicing you / address to be shipped to / if you want me to hold on to this as I would be starting other pre-orders from time to time, or if you would like to get Hijikata from to be shipped together XD.
If you are interested, do apply for a slot as there are four repeats in each box! So, RESERVE YOUR GINTAMA figures now!
Number of boxes pre-ordered: 1
Invoice date :Late October 2011
Currency :Japanese Yen (JPY)
Payment Mode :PayPal

Should you need any extra time please tell me at the earliest moment possible.

PAYMENT 1 - (When the box is confirmed)
AMT TO BE PAID : 50% deposit on figurine base price once enough slots have been filled for one box. (this applies only to the figurines which are in RED under your name, payment for those in BLUE for that box will be collected only after it has reached me.)
Payment Deadline :Please pay within a week after receiving my invoice for collection of deposit. If you are late on this with no proper reason before hand, your slot will be given to the next person and you may be blacklisted for future splits/transactions.

AMT TO BE PAID : Balance of figurine base price for those in RED + price of figurines for those in BLUE which you have previously agreed to get to fill the box + shipping from jp to sg + shipping from sg to you
Payment Deadline :Please pay within three days of receiving the invoice for payment 2. Should you need any extra time please tell me at the earliest moment possible.
Shipping from me(SG) to anywhere covered by Singpost that is not in Asia would be estimated at $6.00 USD for one figure, and $2.90 USD more for each figure via air mail, which will reach in two weeks. Tracking available at $1.80 USD. Bubblewrap + packaging cost has been included.

As there is great interest in Gintoki and another buyer interested in getting all 6 figurines, I hope that we would be able to fill up more boxes to order another one. 

So, in order to help us make more Gintokis available, I will be giving priority to people who are ordering more figurines. Once each box has been filled, I will be collecting PAYMENT 1 as previously mentioned. This deposit serves as a way of indicating your strong interest in getting the figurines.

Each box should have at least two slots in blue and at least two names in each slot, I will try my best to fit it accordingly XD All of your interested figurines in RED will be placed in the same group to ensure that you have the greatest chance of getting all the figurines you want. If you prefer to be placed into another box, please feel free to ask for it.

RED for confirmed
GREEN for paid
BLUE for willing to get to fill this box
Sakata Gintoki: sakata.sgproxy , clockworkvision
Kagura: yobuta_keichan , sakata.sgproxy
Okita Sougo: tatsumi8891 , <to be filled in blue>
Hijikata Toshiro: yobuta_keichan , <to be filled in blue>
Zura Katsura Kotaro: yobuta_keichan sakata.sgproxy
Kamui: clockworkvision , yobuta_keichan

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